Rosanna D’Agnillo’s discography is available on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon, as downloadable mp3s and on CD. Here are a few song samples from my albums Intermezzo and Sensations.
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My Romance

Ciao Bella Ciao>>

Chanson pour l’Auvergnat

I’te Vurria Vasa >>

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo - Intermezzo - tribute to 1930s/1940s love songs

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo – Intermezzo – tribute to 1930s/1940s love songs

Intermezzo is Rosanna’s second album with Lynne Cerro as part of the group Liata. It is a lush collection of songs in English, French and Italian from the 1930s and 1940s. Lynne and Rosanna bring their own unique blend of rich vocals and orchestral arrangements to these classic compositions of the golden days of film. The album is a tribute to the great works of Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, Edith Piaf and others.

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo - Sensations

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo – Sensations

Sensations was released by Rosanna D’Agnillo, Lynne Cerro and Lynn Davies as the group Liata, and this album reached #1 on the Global Music MP3 charts. Several of these songs remain global hits in radio stations worldwide. Songs from this album have been featured on television; it receives extensive airplay in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Sensations is a musical travelogue of ballads that draws loosely from French cabaret, sweet Spanish and Italian melodies, Russian love songs, folk, and opera. Passion for life and love ties together this global exploration of being in love, out of love, and losing love.

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo - Peaceful Voyage Healing Meditation Volume 1

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo – Peaceful Voyage Healing Meditation Volume 1

Peaceful Voyage: Healing Meditation (Volume 1) is a meditation album in 2 tracks, in collaboration with angel therapist Jean Kowalski. These guided healing meditations act as a vehicle for turning our senses and awareness ever deeper within ourselves. The Kwan Yin Meditation will assist in releasing tensions that prevent us from experiencing inner peace. The Archangel Healing Meditation will assist your being to move toward the essential balance of body, mind and innermost spirit. Declare and affirm your love for yourself, others and the universe.

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo - Peaceful Voyage Healing Meditation Volume

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo – Peaceful Voyage Healing Meditation Volume 2

Peaceful Voyage: Healing Meditation (Volume 2) is the second volume of guided healing meditations, recorded in collaboration with angel therapist Jean Kowalski. The Goddess Healing Meditation will help your creative juices flow for soul healing, releasing and love. The Journey Inward with the Ascended Masters , the great spiritual teachers of all cultures and traditions, invites us to journey inward to the place of oneness, trust, faith, hope and love, for healing of the collective unconsciousness.


Adeste Fideles: Songs of Christmas is a collection of my very favorite traditional

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo -Adeste Fideles - Favorite Christmas Songs

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo -Adeste Fideles – Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas Carols, in English, French and Italian, with a few instrumentals.

Music by Rosanna D'Agnillo - Sacred Arias Piano Accompaniment for Vocalists

Music by Rosanna D’Agnillo – Sacred Arias Piano Accompaniment for Vocalists

Sacred Arias & Hymns: Piano Accompaniment for Vocalists is the first volume of the Singer’s Toolbox is a collection of the most famous sacred hymns and arias, a piano accompaniment for vocalists. Can be used in recital or for practice purposes.


Here’s what fans have to say about Intermezzo on Jango (satellite radio):

Athens, Greece “EXCELLENT CLEAR VOICE WITH PASSION AND SIMPLICITY”…. Havana Cuba “sweet and touching interpretation …. Brazil “very romantic” Fort Pierre, South Dakota “ Beautiful Music ” …. “smooth as silk and soft as a rose” …. San Mateo, California “awesome”…. Timisoara, Romania “listening …and dreaming…carried by her nice voice” …. Salt Lake City, Utah “different and passionate”…. United States “LOVE IT” …. Ijmuiden, Netherland “Fantastic….. lovely… great ”…. Mumbai, India “fantastic!” …. Mesa, Arizona “Love it! ”…. Genova, Italy “her voice is amazing” …. Ogden, Utah “Original” …. “Lovely and delicate interpretation of an old classic” …. Yokohama, Japan “Wonderful!” …. Danville, Virginia “romantic, unique … soothing” …. Barranquilla, Colombia “great singer”…. Ijmuiden, Netherland “Great … I love it” …. Virginia Beach, Virginia “Very beautiful song!!!” …. Runcorn, England “unusual and nice, love her voice”…. United States “ Beautiful voice and rendition of songs. ” …. Wellington, New Zealand “ cool ” …. San José, Costa Rica “Una voz diafana y dulce. Nunca la habia escuchado pero me gusta.” …. Rzeszów, Poland “Song from the most perfect moments in my life… Just beautiful.” …. Wimkat Island “We love Liata” …. Spain “She is wonderful!” …. Douala, Cameroon “J’aime beaucoup, c’est genial!!!!!!!” …. Black Sea Coast, Russia “supeeeeer !!!” …. Mountain View, California “BEAUTIFULLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMPLY GREAAATT!!!! I LOVE IT, QUE HERMOSA CANCION Y TU VOZ ES LINDISIMA, PARECE DE ANGEL ….. BEAUTIFULLLL, SENSATIONAL, PRECIOUS, I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL EVERY TIME I HEAR IT YOUR VOICE WITH THE VIOLIN IS REALLY INCREDIBLE…. THIS IS FANTASTIC, I CANNOT STOP HEARING IT” …. Pinetown, North Carolina “Beautiful …like very much” …. United States “a wonderful voice” …. Cebu City, Philippines “i luv it…. nice voice and singing style” …. Maribor, Slovenia “you really sing with all heart” …. United States “beautiful voice” …. Lima, Peru “ YOU HAVE A GREAT VOICE LIATA”…. United States “GOT A SWEET VOICE I LIKE IT.”…..“ wonderful, love it ” …. Cainta, Philippine “nyz!!!” …. Klaipeda, Lithuania “sweet…good feelings” …. Omaha, Nebraska “GREAT VOICE” …. Toronto,Canada “Lovely!” …. Mountain View, California “I love it, her music is perfect, perfect, perfect et sa pronunciation en francais est tres bonne” …. Kharagpur, India “very good music”…. United States “Lovely voice and soothing melody! ”…. “very enchanting singer” East Northport, Nebraska “love it” …. “such a beautiful voice.” …. United States “La Vie en Rose, beautiful song” …. Kingston, Jamaica “sounds good, nice soothing music” …. Manila,Philippine “classical artist in a modern time ” …. Spain “Beautiful voice and song” …. Chelsea, Ma “AWESOME ” …. Lima,Peru “great” …. Brasilia, Brazil “fantastic” …. Mexico “AMAZING MUSIC!” …. United States “What a beautiful voice. I love this music.”