Hallowe’en Easy Piano Sheet Music

Greetings! It’s that time of year for Hallowe’en easy piano sheet music. Here are a couple links to collections of sheet music with Hallowe’en, spooky, spider, haunted themes etc; enjoy!Thanks, Rosanna Early Beginner Hallowe’en Songs>> Easy & Low-Intermediate Hallowe’en Themed>> Songs (spiders, haunting, mice, Ghostbusters, Adaams Family, etc)

Christmas music – grand staff/lead sheets

Hi–more Christmas music! Here are five levels of the same songs, graded from 1-4 and then a lead sheet (treble clef melody lyrics chords). I hope you enjoy this Christmas music. These are books of sheet music beautifully laid out and published for free by Kyle Coughlin; kudos to him for making these available. So … Read more

Christmas Songbooks – Chord Book

Greetings! Here is an updated songbook, with just chords & lyrics, in my favorite keys for singing. Enjoy! Reminder about our upcoming Christmas / Winter Concert on Dec 17, 2022. Kind regards, Rosanna

Calgary Youth Audition Opportunities

I’ve just assembled a list of Calgary youth audition opportunities that are open to the general public provided we are post-pandemic! Because there were zero Calgary youth audition opportunities during the pandemic. If you are serious about a career in the arts, I recommend attending the fine arts high school in Calgary, Central Memorial. They … Read more

Christmas & Hannukah Songbooks

Is it that time already? YES! If you work on a couple songs a week, you’ll be able to play several and even give a small concert by the holiday season. Here are links to the previous albums I’ve passed out; I need to update them with all of your special requests and will hopefully … Read more

How to change guitar strings

Thanks for coming to today’s workshop on how to change guitar strings Students changed strings on their own after I modelled one string on their instrument, and we even troubleshot some annoying problems, where strings were wound the wrong way and had to be redone, or when the lock wouldn’t take, or when the bridge … Read more

Canon in D (Johann Pachelbel) Guitar Tablature

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s celebrate with guitar tablature for this beautiful Baroque classic. This wonderful piece is the subject of this week’s listening exercises, where we compare the Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers to this 380 year old song! Here is a recording on youtube for classical guitar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXC9tuumjiA And please find below the … Read more