2022 Calendar

Winter-Spring 2022 Calendar – welcome back! Studio opens Tues Jan 4, 2021: Deadline for APTA (piano; piano-vocal) festival Jan 15. https://festival.aptaonline.net/registration/ Performing Arts Festival applications open Jan 10. https://www.cpafestival.ca/ Holidays Feb 21; (family day); Mar 21-25 (spring break); Apr 15 & 18 (Easter weekend); May 23 & 24 (Victoria Day long weekend); last day Jun … Read more

Sight Reading for second year pianists

Now that first year piano basics are under the belt, just like in school, music literacy is very important! We must learn to read the music fluently, and basically every student hates this unless, as for some readers, it just comes very naturally. This is a skill underdeveloped in young pianists, and must be trained … Read more

RCM examination deadline- Nov 5

Hi families, FYI the deadline for the winter session is Nov 5. Registration is on a first come, first served basis, so consider registering your students early to ensure they have their spot! Practical exams run Jan 13-25, 2020 and the theory exam is Dec 13-14, 2019. I can register your student or you can … Read more

Music exam prep task list

Getting down to the crunch time for May/June Royal Conservatory of Music exams. At this point, we want all repertoire and technical exercises “digested”–meaning even if not at tempo or polished, we’re past struggling through the basics: rhythm and pitch. We also understand which aspects of our ear training need spot work. Usually it’s intervals … Read more

Children today have greater capacity for…

The next generation is not nuts, lame, weak, selfish… Even Plato complained that Aristotle’s generation was going to hell in a handbasket… complaining about the youth is truly the first sign of middle age, and it comes before grey hair! I’m feeling inspired by this Abraham quote about children…. “Children coming forth today have a … Read more