Above, concert with students. Below, Some action shots from performance, either as a soloist or with my group, Alchemy Rose. There’s a video at page bottom, scroll down!

Rosanna D'Agnillo and Aleksandra Danicic at a recent wedding. We fit into any corner!
Rosanna D’Agnillo & Aleks of Alchemy Rose at a recent wedding–we fit into any corner! At this one we hauled lots of gear around the Azuridge sunken garden and looped an Ave Maria for about 15 minutes for the processional, ha ha. This is the post ceremony cocktail hour.
Here's the duo at another event; at this one we covered Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.
At this event we covered the bridal party’s entrace with Sexy & I Know It by LMFAO :)
Rosanna D'Agnillo - vocalist & pianist
With bass player Mark
Aleks & Rosanna at downtown photoshoot.
Rosanna D’Agnillo & Aleks at a downtown event.
Rosanna D'Agnillo singing Mimi from La Boheme
Rosanna D’Agnillo sings Mimi from La Boheme (Puccini)
Rosanna D'Agnillo performing original repertoire at Koi
Working on my original repertoire at Koi (Rosanna D’Agnillo)
Rosanna D'Agnillo at Soul Fest again with original repertoire, a mix of piano and guitar
Country fare at SoulFest by Rosanna D’Agnillo
Fish Creek Fest featuring Rosanna D'Agnillo on voice/guitar and great purple boots!
Fish Creek Fest – crooning in da park
Rosanna D'Agnillo at a Dolly Parton tribute.
On the keys & vocals at a Dolly Parton tribute
Rosanna & Aleks on a summer wedding in Canmore.
Another mountain wedding; we are wireless but loud!

Some action shots from performance; enjoy!

Calgary voice lessons by Rosanna D'Agnillo