Last day of classes is today!

It’s the last day of classes! Greetings and welcome to the end of this term. No more music classes! Happy summer!

  • If you have a summer exam contact me to schedule lesson times.
  • First day back is Tues Sept 5. If you haven’t already confirmed your renewal & preferred time, let me know asap since I will open up my waiting list to fill open space in early July.
  • Online class this summer – upper intermediate theory focusing on level 7-8. Contact me to register.
  • Worried about losing progress over summer? Ensure at minimum you are doing technical work twice a week, playing through / singing favourite repertoire three times a week. Plan to give family/friends concerts of lots of repertoire and take your instrument camping (this makes a uke very fun). For basic literacy support, email me and I’ll reply with a couple digital workbooks you can print, but best idea is to sight-read, if you are already comfortable with written note-naming. That is much more effective training.

Wishing you an excellent summer of fun and relaxation on this last day of classes! See you in autumn.

Kind regards, Rosanna