March 2021 schedule of studio events & workshops

Greetings all; here is the March 2021 schedule of events & workshops. Also holidays…YES! I need them, you need them. My kids and cats need me all to themselves for a bit and I’m really excited about that.

All events are on Zoom in my personal room; contact me for access if you’d like to attend. Only students can participate, but anyone is welcome to attend and listen, supporting these young artists.

March 2021 schedule of events Rosanna D'Agnillo Music Studio
Here is the March 2021 schedule of studio events & workshops

Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada) Ear Training Workshops

Sat Mar 13 9:45am and Sun Mar 28 9:30am

These workshops follow the RCM curriculum where we learn to identify major, minor and perfect intervals, chords, cadences and also practice clapping back and singing back or playing back melodies. You don’t have to be an RCM student signed up for an exam to attend and participate; these musicianship skills are applicable to every musician and really develop your ear. I recommend that all my students registered for Royal Conservatory Exams this season attend. We don’t have enough time in lessons to cover all the musicianship skills and I know many of you don’t get up to the RCM interface often enough!

Open Mics

Saturday March 14, 2021 & Friday March 27, 2021 at 6:30pm. Yes, these are early because some of my little people have a 7pm bedtime, tee hee. You are welcome to attend and not particpate. I really recommend you try if you’re shy to share music in public! You’ll see that it’s a humble, heartfelt environment. It’s wonderful to watch the young people develop their skills!! Hosted on Zoom; in my personal room.

How to Get in to all Zoom events

Please contact me for access. (I can’t post publicly since I’ve had weird strangers show up to these family friendly events and show us their naughty bits. Hurray. )


Yes. Can’t wait! No class Monday March 29 through Easter Sunday April. Class resumes Monday April 5. If you have a weekend lesson on Sat & Sun April 3 & 4, please contact me for a makeup lesson if you want; I am dedicating Thurs Apr 1 for make up lessons. Unfortunately since my schedule is full, I can’t make up the lessons any other time. I appreciate your understanding!

Please follow me on social media to stay easily apprised of events: Rosanna D’Agnillo on Instagram.

Thanks! Rosanna