Spots open for new students! Voice, piano, guitar and ukulele

Voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar and ukulele lessons – get your place for fall!

Spots for voice lessons, piano lessons, guitar and ukulele: it’s that time of year to get yourself or your children set up for fall lessons, and I’ve got places in my studio for vocal, piano, guitar and ukulele students. All levels, ages, styles and genders welcome!

Voice lessons, piano lesson, guitar lessons and ukulele lessons with Rosanna D'Agnillo
  Voice lessons, piano lesson, guitar lessons and ukulele lessons with Rosanna D’Agnillo

Contact me today to learn more and get your spot secured. First lesson (our meet & greet) free! Email rdagnillo at yahoo dot com to contact me! Or call text 5879989926.

Why should you study music or have your children study music? Music is the gift that keeps on giving. Even if you’re not going to be a professional music, the ability to accompany yourself simply while singing a song is something that provides you, friends and family great joy! It’s well worth your time. People think that adults can’t learn, but that’s not true: once you’ve played something five times correctly, you’ve officially wired it into your muscle memory and you will be able to play it! For children, we are raising them in a world where instant gratification is the norm. Music lessons don’t offer that; instead, it’s grunt work that builds discipline and self-confidence and respect over the long term. Music lessons are a highly valuable antidote to the attention-deficit disorder that dominates our cultural communication norms today.

Come on in for a free lesson, our meet ‘n greet, where we figure out if we have good rapport, and then make your decision! I’m an excellent teacher and really enjoy mentoring young people and sharing the ins and outs of music making with all my students, young and adult. Contact me today; I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards, Rosanna