Purple Jaguar Eye Chords

Hello! A student couldn’t find a lead sheet for this awesome song, so I have just listened & notated a version of it, attached here for your listening and playing pleasure. Here it is in the original key of Dm, so for higher voices, we could transpose up or at least capo 3.

“Purple Jaguar Eye” by Sterling K. Brown plays at the climax of Netflix’ Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts in the Season 1 finale. Kipo gets home but the bunker is bombed by mutants hunting humans… so she’s in big trouble. Her jaguar-like genetic powers begin to activate under the stress, and this song in the cartoon is sung by her father, in a vision-state. It’s a delicious kick-butt moment accompanied by this groovy song; I love the effects on the electric guitar. And the animation and colouring are simply gorgeous!

Download Purple Jaguar Eye chords for ukulele, piano and guitar here:



With love & hope, Rosanna