Royal Conservatory Exams 2018-2019 sessions

Preparing for your Royal Conservatory of Music Exams – Logistics for 2018-2019 sessions

Greetings earlybirds, who are already wondering about registration for RCM exams for the winter session.

Yes, I can register you for the exam. Winter exam registration begins Sept 11, 2018 and ends on November 6, 2018.  Theory exams are Friday and Saturday, December 14 & 15. Practical exams run Jan 14-26, 2019. Pianists can pick their date and time. Vocalists are consulted about a month before the exam session to book a time. No changes once you’ve booked. You an get a credit for a medical reason, but no refunds and rescheduling within the same exam session. So once you pick a date, that’s it.

Vocalists need a live accompanist. Yes that can be me! Teachers and parents do not attend the exam otherwise. Fees range from about $135 to $170 for each exam.  Exam results are posted online 4-6 weeks afterward.

You can get credit for high school courses from these exams, so check this out, but Gr 6 voice or piano, gives you Gr 10 courses credits; Gr 7 voice or piano= Grade 11 credits; Grade 8 voice or piano = Grade 12 credits.

The RCM has posted videos of exams, to understand what will happen:

I hope this is a helpful start! Basically, don’t worry too much about the logistics. As a student, your job is to practice well without freaking out. Enjoy your music and put your heart into it. Do a little every day so it doesn’t pile up at the end. How’s that sound? Sounds a lot better than panicking to me!!

Kind regards, Rosanna