The way forward: digital learning!

Greetings families – this time of trial and tribulation is causing hardship for all of us, and I’m very grateful for those who are continuing to work with me in the digital realm! Wishing you and your families safety, health and hope. I’m very inspired by how much community is surfacing, and am so grateful for technology, which allows us to stay connected this way!

  • Please follow my meditations & updates at as well as via Instagram (Rosanna D’Agnillo) and Facebook (Rosanna D’Agnillo)
  • I can use any platform for digital meeting except Apple Facetime. So far, Zoom, Hangouts, Whatsapp, and the video chat functions on Facebook and Instagram work well! For Instagram video chat to be available, we need to be “close friends.” 🙂
  • I will be posting extra resources and practice log requirements to help fill up daytime hours with academic progress. We can use this time in self-isolation to work extra hard at music tasks!
  • I offer a weekly meditation Saturdays at 5pm via Zoom; contact me and I will send you the meeting invitation.