Tune your pianos! Get seat at correct height. Get a music stand.

Hi there! Online learning has allowed me the privilege of seeing each of my students on their own instrument. I want to stress how important it is to

  • Sit at the correct height; arms should hang at 90 degrees at the sides. If keyboard is much higher than this, a student cannot make a proper bridge with the hands nor engage the body to support the playing work. Basically INJURY and less control, agility.
  • Tune your pianos! Better to do once a year but if not, the most you should go is 2 years… as a musician matures, it’s an agony to work on an out of tune instrument. It can also interfere with the development of ear training and perfect pitch! Here is my tuner & technician; https://www.calgarypianotuning.ca/ PLEASE PLEASE tune when it is safe to do so. I am now listening to some pianos a WHOLETONE flat eek!!
  • Everyone needs a music stand, especially guitar/uke players: it is impossible to sit with correct posture for singing if you’re hunched over your bed. It’s also not good for your back. Try to buy a metal one that is more robust, rather than a plastic one or the entry-level flimsy one. While the latter is low-cost and foldable, it doesn’t hold a binder, and you’d have to tape/clip sheets to it; it’s a nuisance.

Thanks! Rosanna