REMINDER – Youth open mic – 4th Friday

Hi there, reminder about the youth open mic held at Tribal Connection Market in Okotoks on the fourth Friday of the month; it’s called Freaky Friday in celebration of Hallowe’en! Feel free to go in costume 🙂

Tribal Connections Market, 41 McRae Street, Okotoks telephone 403) 995-1898. Runs 7-9; music starts at 8 and there’s not a hard stop at 9pm.

I attended this open mic in Sept 2019, and gave a short vocal workshop prior to the singers taking the stage. I was really impressed with the calibre of a couple of the singers; they were definitely aiming for professional careers and had the vocal chops to do it.

So this is not an event for a tween exploring Elvis on a ukulele; this is a place for original work or a pretty polished cover, performed with a high level of musicianship. An excellent challenge and opportunity for a young musician.

The level of camaraderie among the group was really warm, and there weren’t too many grown-ups interfering with the vibe; in fact, my posse of young children left early so we’d leave the young adult musicians to themselves.

I thought it was a superb way to celebrate a Friday night–music, connection, really uplifting. I really recommend it. Good food & drinks available; cover was $7.

Check it out!