Easy piano books to order

Hi–in the past I have shared books between students, since not all songs in a book are interesting and early pianists tend to blow through primer books pretty quickly, especially if they practice pretty hard. HOWEVER in this day and age, each of us needs our own book; it makes it more sanitary and of course really facilitates online learning, if both you & I have the same book.

Here is a list of the books for first pianists. You can order from Music Centre Canada in Calgary, (403-278-8844) or on Amazon, with links below. Always best to order from a local business! Yes, it’s ok to use both Faber and Leila! They stack literacy in different ways.

Bastien Primer ($9.32)

Faber Piano Adventures Level 1 – Lesson Book ($10.57)

Faber Piano Adventures Level 1 Theory Book ($9.29)

Leila Fletcher Piano Course Book One ($12.95)

Faber Piano Adventures Level 2A ($10.29)

Faber Piano Adventures Level 2A Theory Book ($9.27)

Sight reading for beginners – Dozen A Day Mini Book ($7.92)

Sight reading for beginners with 6 months-1 year experience: Dozen A Day Prep ($7.92)