On Top of Spaghetti (chords & lyrics for this summer classic!)

An impromptu video chat to workshop On Top of Spaghetti with my awesome student Molly Hamm has inspired this post. She will be leading camp songs for younger children, on guitar.

Here are the chords and lyrics for this ancient masterpiece of summer fun, which I fondly remember screaming at the top of my lungs on summer days with my neighbors.

Have some fun with music this summer!

On Top of Spaghetti – chords & lyrics in the key of G.

Tips for learning On Top of Spaghetti – sometimes it’s hard to get the voice tuned to the right start note without looking at the sheet music. SO here are some clues:

  1. The first note will be the tonic of the key, so in the key of G, your first note is G. If you capo 2, then your first note will be A. Capo 3 = Bb; Capo 4 = B, and Capo 5 for higher voices would be a start note of middle C.
  2. The first phrase “on top of spaghetti”: that’s a full one octave arpeggio. Your high note on the long second syllable of spaghetti is one octave above your start note, capisce? 🙂

Kind regards for an excellent & music-filled fun summer!

Rosanna D’Agnillo
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