Listening assignment this week – Rondo Allegro Pathetique

Greetings!- Reminder group class Monday 4:30-5pm; a chance for students to perform a song for their peers, and give/receive constructive feedback. 5 openings, 4 spots left. :) This is weekly, so if you don’t get in this week, next week you’re up!  
– To honour the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, I am transcribing some of the difficult yet currently unavailable themes for easy piano /guitar/uke tab.  I’ve posted them on the Easy Piano Fun Songs blog entry.  
– Performance – send me videos, and screen shots your repertoire, or of private virtual concerts you have. :) 
-For fun listening: check out Glen Gould’s crispy delivery at and Vladimir Ashkenazy’s elegant lines at (Rondo about 15:42; beginning of the third movement). Both pianists are superb world masters. Which version do you like better? Why? What does each performance tell you about the performer’s personality? How do you want to play this song?

Thanks, Rosanna