Music study is for everyone, not just really talented people!

Some potential students, adults or parents of a potential student, will ask: “Am I good enough to bother studying music?” This is particularly true of the voice; if people struggle with vocal output they think they can’t learn improvement they way they can with any other largely physical activity.

6 Benefits of Music
6 Benefits of Music

Music is sure easier for some people, and some people who might play well might have more work ahead of them learning to sing well. Some voices are placed for pop belting and some for head-chest blend, better suited for classical singing.

Now regardless of the natural kinesthetic ability you bring to the table, everyone gets better with practice. I have some students with disabilities who may not ever play a whole song but their practice has resulted in tremendous improvement and self-esteem.

Music study has amazing benefits even if you’re not Beethoven, and I really encourage families to persist for the benefit of your children. Not one child has ever said to a parent that s/he regrets years of music study. Usually it’s the opposite.

Kind regards, Rosanna