Studio policies: reschedules, cancellations, practice habits

Rescheduling, Cancellations, Discounts, Practice Habits

What you put in, you get out.
What you put in, you get out.

This info appears in the fine print on your monthly invoice, but just to make it bigger here: 30 days notice required for cancellations. Why? Because I have blocked that spot for you and need some time to fill it with another student. Honestly, music is the long game, and if you’re planning to study a month or two hoping for a quick fix, well, you will be disappointed! There is no instant gratification in music study, and the payoff of your hard work and perseverance is immense, unlike anything else you have known.

Rescheduling permitted twice per term (Sept-Dec, Jan-June), and you must make up the lesson during the same week; they don’t hold over indefinitely. Why? Well, I have that spot blocked off for you, so if you don’t use it then, but expect to keep it rolling forever, I can’t run a business and feed my family. If you have a longer vacation planned, no problem; we always work things out. I am flexible and WANT you to learn, so I will do what it takes to accommodate you within these generous and normal guidelines. My guidelines are much more flexible than a large music studio.

Discounts – some parents tell me I am more expensive than the guy down the street and want a deal. That’s because I’m not a teenager making gas money. I am a master with a big pedigree and more than 20 years actual performance experience. I’m also a mother and need to take care of my own family. Most teachers with my level of experience charge about $90 to $100 per hour, and I am charging less than this. When I hear parents complain about my fee, walking into my studio with an $8 venti latte, I get annoyed. Your payment to me is an investment in you or your child’s life; I am very efficient, productive and dedicated. Please don’t expect me to run late for free.

Practice habits – what you put in you get out, and for younger children: well, parents must supervise practice. Yelling at your kid to practice is not helpful. Please follow my guidelines for creating the practice container to set this up as an automatic activity. Beginners and children under 10 must be supervised following the practice log, only for about 2 months. If you can’t make this time, ask your student to practice beside you while you’re doing your paperwork or housework and talk about each activity. Please attend lessons and participate actively for the first two months to understand the nature of our work and study.

Thanks! Rosanna